Avoiding Car Theft

Many car thieves are opportunists who take a chance when they see an unattended car with the keys left in, or can grab the keys from a house, or handbag. Modern cars of today make it difficult thanks to alarms and immobilisers, but older ones can be quite easy to get into and drive off.

Preventing car theft is impossible, but it is relatively straightforward to make it as difficult for the potential thief to steal and force them to consider other targets instead. There are things all drivers can do to stop their vehicle from being targeted.  By taking a few extra security precautions you can avoid becoming a victim. Your car is an expensive investment so it's important to know how to avoid car theft and keep you and your car safe:

  • Always park your vehicle in a well-lit area – thieves don’t like to be seen.
  • Try not to park your vehicle near to a car parking exit – thieves like a quick escape route, so don’t make it easy.
  • If you have a garage – use it.
  • Try to park your vehicle in a monitored car park with security guards.
  • Lock all of your doors, shut windows and sunroofs.
  • Invest in an alarm or a mechanical immobiliser such as a steering lock.
  • Keep spare keys safe and out of sight.
  • Never leave your valuables such as mobile phones and handbags on display.
  • Don’t keep important tax, insurance and title documents in your glove compartment, keep them safe at home.
  • Never leave the car engine running, or the keys in the ignition if unattended.

The more layers of protection you add - the less appealing your vehicle becomes to a thief.




"Etching serves as a theft deterrent.  Arrange to have your car’s Registration Number etched onto all glass surfaces - including the headlamps, or you could use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)".
Source: Home Office - Security Tips For Motorists in "Steer Clear of Crime"

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