There are things all drivers can do to stop their vehicle from being targeted, such as parking in well lit areas, keeping car keys safe and out of sight, but by taking a few extra security precautions you can avoid becoming a victim of car crime.


Auto Guardian’s Anti-Theft Etching Kit involves the use of a stencil and etching paste to permanently engrave your vehicle registration or VIN [vehicle identification number] onto each window of your vehicle.  

Why?  The bottom line is: marked parts carry a higher risk, are less appealing to the thief and the Police have a significantly higher chance (64%) of recovering your vehicle if your windows were etched. 

It takes less than 15 minutes to permanently etch your vehicle windows - watch the video to see for yourself.


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Secure your Vehicle for Just £24.99

  • In less than 15 minutes you can easily and safely permanently etch your vehicle's
    Registration Number or Vehicle Identification Number making it instantly less attractive to a car thief! 
  • The Auto Guardian Kit is quick and simple to apply
  • Your Kit comes with 10 window stencils and warning stickers - carefully designed so that they won't detract from the look of your vehicle
  • Auto Guardian is a cost effective anti-theft system – remember professionals thieves avoid etched vehicles

    Vehicle etching is recommended worldwide by Police Forces. UK's Staffordshire, Kent and Manchester Police, and The Home Office - are to name but a few who strongly encourage it as a simple crime prevention measure!

    We're so sure about Auto Guardian - we'll pay you £150 if your vehicle gets stolen! Read about the Auto Guardian Promise

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