Quick, Easy, Lasts a Lifetime

Auto Guardian’s Anti-Theft Etching System involves the use of a stencil and etching paste to permanently engrave your vehicle registration or VIN [vehicle identification number] onto each window of your vehicle in less than 15 minutes.

Stencils are personalised for you, therefore you’ll need to create your Etching System by providing us with your vehicle registration or VIN number.

Click BUY NOW to order your bespoke kit - please allow between 5-7 working days delivery whilst we specially prepare your order.


Once we have created your stencils, we’ll send you your system which will include:

  • 1 Window Etching paste and spatula
  • 1 Window Etching sample & stencil [for testing/practice]
  • 10 Window Stencils [featuring your vehicle’s registration or VIN number]
  • 4 Anti-Theft Warning Stickers

It takes just 15 minutes to permanently etch your windows - remember it takes a professional thief just a matter of seconds to steal your vehicle.




It takes less than 15 minutes to permanently etch your windows. Watch the video.

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