Auto Guardian Inconvenience Payment

We believe Auto Guardian helps reduce the risk of vehicle theft instantly – so much so that if your car gets stolen we'll give you £150!


1. How does it Work?

In order to receive the £150.00 inconvenience payment you will need to provide proof from a UK motor insurance provider that your vehicle has been classed as a total loss as a result of theft, within 30 days of written notification.  You will also be required to provide:

    - a copy of the Police Report stating that your vehicle was stolen from within the UK.
    - a copy of your MOT Certificate [if applicable]

      We will check with the DVLA to ascertain whether your vehicle is taxed.  

      2. Where do I send my proof of theft documentation to?

      All correspondence relating to the theft of your vehicle, in respect of you claiming the £150.00 inconvenience payment must be sent to the below address:  

      Auto Guardian (MyTAG Ltd)
      4, 5 & 6 Quay Point, North Harbour Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3TD
      Or via email to:
      Customer Service Contact Number: +44 (0)844 371 6775 
      Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm

      3. When am I eligible to claim the payment to and from?

      The 12 month period will commence approximately 7 days after your Anti-Theft Etching Kit was dispatched from Auto Guardian. 

      A dispatch note is emailed to you from Auto Guardian following your order to confirm that your kit has been bespoke prepared and is in the process of being shipped.  For example:

      Auto Guardian dispatch email notification is sent to you on the 14th of the month.
      Your 12 month period will commence from the 21st of the month and will end on the 21st of the Month 1 year later. 
      Should you have a query with regards to your eligibility, please contact the Auto Guardian Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 844 371 6775, or by email to:

      4. What if I ordered the Anti-Theft Etching Kit, but the vehicle belongs to a family member?

      Inconvenience payment is paid out as a result of the theft of the vehicle to which the Anti-Theft Etching Kit was applied. The vehicle registration or VIN number must match what we have on our system and that which is stated within documentation submitted when making a claim. 

      5. When will I receive my £150.00 inconvenience payment?

      Following receipt of all of the necessary proof of theft documentation as stated in Point 1 above, payment will be made to you within 30 days.

      6. How will my payment be made?

      Payment will be made into the nominated bank account that you specified when you made your claim.

      7. Exclusions:

      We do not cover vehicles that have been seized, impounded or destroyed by the Police or other Government Services. 

      8. What happens if my claim for the £150.00 inconvenience payment is declined?

      Following the receipt of all of the required documentation as specified in Point 1 above, you will receive a confirmation letter from us to inform you as to whether your claim has been successful. If your claim is deemed to be unsuccessful we will write to you providing details as to why.

      9. Who do I contact if I have a complaint about how my claim has been handled, or about the outcome?

      If you have a complaint about our service, or about a decision that has been made regarding a claim for inconvenience payment, you must contact us in writing to the below address:

      Auto Guardian (MyTAG Ltd)
      4, 5 & 6 Quay Point, North Harbour Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3TD
      Or via email to:

      10. Termination:

      We reserve the right to terminate this service at any time, giving 14 days notice in writing, to the email address provided at the point of order.


      Please note that the £150.00 payment is an inconvenience payment that we offer to our customers because we have every confidence that our product will deter vehicle theft. This is not an insurance policy.




      The Vehicle, as specified on the schedule and which is registered and principally used in the UK. 

      “Total Loss”

      Where you have claimed under your comprehensive motor insurance policy and the claim has been settled, with the Vehicle being surrendered to the motor insurer or otherwise, and a Total Loss payment made. 


      Theft, or taking your Vehicle without your consent. 

      “Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy”

      A valid and enforceable comprehensive motor insurance policy covering the Vehicle against theft, fire or accidental damage as at the date of loss and which was issued by a registered motor insurer. 

      “Auto Guardian’s Anti-Theft Etching Kit”

      The use of a stencil and etching paste to permanently engrave your Vehicle registration or Vehicle identification number onto each window of your Vehicle. 

      “You / Your / Yourself”

      The person named on the order and in any other Auto Guardian correspondence relating to the purchase of the Anti-Theft Etching Kit.



      We are so confident that our Anti-Theft Etching Kit will help reduce vehicle theft, that if your vehicle gets stolen and is classed as a total loss as a result of theft within the first 12 months of applying the kit, we will pay you £150.00.

      We're so sure about Auto Guardian - we'll pay you £150 if your vehicle gets stolen! Read about the Auto Guardian Promise

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